Prestigious recognition

Celebrate your achievements with EU and UN recognition. At a prestigious, high-level ceremony, the winner gets awarded the title of "EU City for Fair and Ethical Trade" , while some of the other cities get special recognition for their achievements in specific areas. The ceremony is be attended by representatives from EU cities, businesses leaders, civil society, journalists, and officials from the EU and UN.

Increased visibility

Gain increased visibility for your city's leadership role through media coverage, social media engagement and other communications and outreach efforts. This will help to put your city's achievements in the spotlight, giving you visibility beyond the local and national levels by reaching an wider audience across the EU.

Promotion of pioneers

Feature as a pioneer in the Good Practice Handbook - a compendium of the most inspiring, powerful, innovate and replicable examples of fair and ethical trade in cities. The publication will be widely distributed by ITC and the EU, and examples will also be featured on the Award website and social media. All applicant cities have the chance to have their initiatives featured in the Handbook.

Membership in the Cities Network

Connect with experts from other cities, the UN and the EU in the Network of EU Cities for Fair and Ethical Trade. The Network is an informal structure of shortlisted cities from every Award cycle, facilitating the exchange of cities' approaches, solutions and experiences on sustainable, fair and ethical trade as well as the collaboration on joint projects or initiatives.

Support & Inspiration

Get knowledge and inspiration for your local activities through an active exchange at Awards-related events, such as webinars, the ceremony and the Network of EU Cities for Fair and Ethical Trade. The Award brings together a diverse group of stakeholders from cities, businesses, civil society, academia, the EU and the UN, providing a unique opportunity to learn from each other and benefit from the input of leading experts,

Development cooperation project

As the Award winner, benefit from ITC technical support to implement an EU-funded development cooperation project in a developing country. The project provides an opportunity to increase cooperation with cities in developing countries in the area of sustainable, fair and ethical trade. By learning more about the opportunities, barriers and impacts of sustainable and responsible production in the partner city, the winner can gain valuable insights for their initiatives on the consumption side.

The EU Cities for Fair and Ethical Trade Award is an initiative of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Trade implemented by the International Trade Centre.