Guidelines, examples and best practices

The Living Book expands on the Application Form by providing additional examples of objectives, activities, and indicators that can be used by cities to complete their application. These documents exemplify what ‘fair and ethical trade’ in cities may mean and the various perspectives that may be taken in assessing the performance of a city in the area of fair, ethical and sustainable trade.

While cities are free to fill the Application Form as they see fit, this document should provide some aid and references where cities feel they need guidance. The examples provided are not extensive and cities are encouraged to look outside the box and at their own innovative efforts in this area.

Additionally, the Living Book will integrate knowledge on best practice examples and will grow over time using information from applicants and award winners. As such, the initial version of the Living Book contains examples from outside the EU in order not to favour any EU city in particular. This is, indeed, a ‘living’ document, in that it will be revised and updated after each application cycle to reflect knowledge gathered from the city applications.

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